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William Arthur McCall

William Arthur McCall

Found in Ancestry.Com Military records:

Name: William Arthur Jr McCall Jr
Birth Date: 27 Nov 1945
Death Date: 21 Apr 1969
Age: 23
Home City: Seattle
Home State: Washington
Death Date: 21 Apr 1969
Casualty Country: Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
Tour Start Date: 21 Oct 1968
Service branch: United States Marine Corps
Rank: Lance Corporal
Province: Military Region 1 - Quang Tri
Service Occupation: Rifleman (USMC)

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01/12/14 06:28 AM #1    

Jim Cissell

Bill was killed in action while serving in the Marines in Vietnam in April, 1969. I was in Thailand in the Air Force at the time. I heard he got nailed by a trip grenade while on patrol. He was a bright enough kid who could easily have gotten a safe desk job, but he felt compelled to serve his country and chose duty on the front lines. His heart was even bigger than his brain. I miss you good friend and neighbor.

01/13/14 11:27 PM #2    

Alan Davis

Bill was probably my best friend in high school.  He was one of the core four that played cards at Sherry Berry's house many, many Friday nights in our serior year.  I never did get straight how he was killed.  I was in Vietnam at the time and heard about it third- or fourth-hand.  I remember his mother telling me that the condition of his body did not match the military's description of the incident.  He was a fine person, and I still miss him.

07/15/14 06:36 AM #3    

Dennis Noson

Our brother, Bill McCall, was mourned

on a bright, open day-- full of possibility.

I stood there, with the honor guard, at his grave

grieving... and grieving even now, and always

I will be in uniform, another Army soldier,

he a volunteer, hoping to find his calling

and I, a draftee, waiting at this place

in 1969, a witness to his arrival home,

with the things he carried

left for us to carry, always. 



07/15/14 10:06 PM #4    

Jim Cissell

Denny, I never knew you were there at Bill's burial.


07/16/14 02:35 PM #5    

Donna Miller (McLain)

Always enjoyed talking with Bill at school.  He had a fresh perspective on so many things.  Wept when I found his name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall; it was more final than seeing his name on our Memorial list.  So many casualties from that war, and it's always Bill who I remember.                                        Donna


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