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07/18/14 06:01 PM #29    


Polly Kaiser (Heinselman)


The Class Creator system will be going offline at 1:00 a.m. EST tonight for a full maintenance scan. Expected down time is 2 to 5 hours.

We apologize for the short notice. Due to system slowness/instability experienced over the last couple days this complete diagnostic scan is necessary so the IT folks can resolve any issues found.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope to have the system running again at normal capacity shortly.

Creatively Yours,
Brad G Switzer
Class Creator

07/19/14 12:30 PM #30    

James R Brummet



07/21/14 10:40 PM #31    

James R Brummet

You know I don't really know way I keep reading all this BS.....

07/22/14 08:41 AM #32    


Jim Cissell

And I'm beginning to wonder why we're doing all this work so that you can, Jim. It's not Mt Rainier, or all the volunteers who are working to put your reunion together, who are making the messages disappear. It's the site creator. We really have no control over that, but we're doing what we can to fix it. Maybe you'd like to take over for the 60th?

07/23/14 08:40 AM #33    

Renee Dibley (Nelson)

Hey, hope to see you all Sunday, planning on going to the brunch, Jeff will be coming.

07/23/14 10:34 AM #34    


Mike Collins

To Jim and The Committee,

My brief message is long overdue and I regret that.   I believe that you and the Committee have shown amazing dedication to this project for many, many months.   Thank you for that commitment and making the upcoming event possible.    See you at the reunion. 

07/23/14 10:41 AM #35    


Jerry Childs

I ditto what Mike said!!!

07/23/14 07:51 PM #36    

James R Brummet

Mr. Jim Cissell: It is not my reunion you are putting together and I could really care less about it, OK. I was just making a comment that my messages were disappearing OK. What is the old saying “if it too hot in the kitchen get the hell out.” I find your remark very rude and discourteous. I would love you to tell me that in person!! So with that said, I was thinking maybe attending the reunion, but with that remark I can see that would me a big mistake on my part!!

James R. Brummet

07/24/14 12:17 PM #37    


Jim Cissell


And your comment "all this BS" isn't rude or discourteous to those who have put countless hours into trying to put together a reunion for all our Classmates? 

07/24/14 12:55 PM #38    


Mike Collins

Is it too late to make a change on the Sunday Brunch?   Janet and I had said "no" to the brunch but would now like to attend, if possible.   If it is not possible through the committee then, perhaps, we can just pay at the Doubletree since we're staying there.   Thanks, Mike & Janet

07/24/14 01:51 PM #39    


Polly Kaiser (Heinselman)

Mike - I will fix.

07/24/14 07:49 PM #40    

Janis Bowen (Steinfeld)

Jim Brummet:  I think it's important that WE all count our blessings that the entire reunion committee has worked so long and hard to make this a successful event for each of us attending.  Their effortless coordination and endless hours will find us with gratitude beyond words.  Because I do not live in Washington, logistics have prevented my participation in the planning of our reunion, but this does not diminish my appreciation to the entire committee.  August 1-3 will be a happy event and I hope if you do decide to attend, you will arrive with a happy face.  No Debbie Downers will be granted first class seats.  

07/24/14 07:52 PM #41    

Janis Bowen (Steinfeld)

Jim Brummet: 

Oops -- I don't mean "will be granted first class seats".  I mean Debbie Downers will be seated in the back of the plane.  

07/24/14 08:37 PM #42    


Bradford Weiss

I am greatful to all of you who worked so hard to make this happen.

07/25/14 09:16 AM #43    


Sherrie Despain (Hatch)


I appreciate all the hard work and effort you and the reunion committee have put forward for this 50th class gathering.  You have gone over and above the call-of-duty to make sure this will be a great event. Arnie  and myself are looking forward to 3 fun-filled days.  Thanks again, and we'll see you next week!

Sherrie DeSpain Hatch

07/25/14 09:40 AM #44    


Clifton Orcutt


Carla and I want to thank you and the entire group of dedicated people who have worked so hard organizing this up and coming reunion.

I am not one who usually attends our High School Reunion, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Clif and Carla Orcutt

07/26/14 07:14 AM #45    

James R Brummet

GOSH!! you all bring tears to my eyes!!

07/27/14 06:03 PM #46    


Bradford Weiss

James, take a break, you don't have to be an asshole every day of your life.

07/27/14 10:52 PM #47    


Mary Ellen Russell (Van Zyl)

Hi Everyone,  I just wanted to add my thanks to Jim and Polly and the rest of the committee for putting our fiftieth class reunion together. You've done a superb job. I think everyone is extremely grateful.

Mary Ellen

07/28/14 12:15 PM #48    


Bonnie Childers (Raiford)

Though I am not able to attend the reunion I do want to express my appreciation and thanks to Jim, Polly, Paul and volunteers for all the work everyone put into this endeavor and creating a website where we can get in touch with other classmates should we want to.  I received an invite to the 10th reunion but was unable to attend.  Thanks to Facebook and posting my maiden name (and a volunteers searching for classmates) I was found, much to my delight.  So everyone that was able to go have fun, I bet it will be a blast.  I will be there in spirit.   (I need to time my Seattle visit to even years in the future!)  Will there be a 60th.......I still can't believe it's been 50 years.  I remember graduation like it was yesterday. 

07/28/14 04:40 PM #49    


Frankie Thurrott (Elder)

Amazing work that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change........oops !  sounds too familiar don't you think ?  And by this time that small group is feeling like they need to voluntarily be committed !    Do look forward to meeting those of us able to come this w/end, and have certainly enjoyed the notes of others unable to be present.

Anyone else coming from north of the border ?    Frankie E.


07/28/14 07:00 PM #50    


Gordon Reilly

Jim, Polly, Paul; I can't thank you and all the volunteers enough for the hard work making our 50th class reunion a reality. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone.

07/30/14 07:55 AM #51    

James R Brummet

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

08/01/14 07:39 AM #52    


Polly Kaiser (Heinselman)

The reunion is off to a great start with three of us - George, Polly and Gorman and spouses -checking into the DoubleTree on Wednesday night and running into each other. A bite to eat Wednesday night, getting together  at brunch yesterday morning and then all separating for explorations of our own during the day. Brad Weiss checked in last night after their two day long drive in from Las Vegas and found our little advance group having a glass of wine, etc. More conversation ensued. Today the official reunion party starts with the golf kickoff at 8:30 or so.  Much too early for me. LOL. See you all later in the day. Let the fun begin in earnest!!

08/07/14 02:40 PM #53    


Liana Linder (Nordell Wiik)

"Dear fellow classmates:

"I posted 135 photos of the reunion in a Facebook album called "Paparazzi-style 50th Reunion Photos." My Facebook page is I made the permission for the album "Public," so you all SHOULD be able to access the photos by clicking on "Photos," then "Albums," and then on this one. If you have trouble, let me know at Enjoy!

"By the way, it would be helpful if you "Tagged" yourself or people you know so we all can have the benefit of knowing who is in the photos. Thanks.

"Liana Linder Wiik"

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