Prayers Appreciated

The following Mt Rainier Class of 1964 classmates could use your encouragement.

Mike Collins is having radiation treatment the week of April 6th. Doctors hope to kill the new tumor in his head with one strong dose. As Mike told me, "Thank God I have Janet!" Mike was diagnosed with neuro-endrocine carcinoma shortly after they moved back to Seattle in 2015. Mike recommends Plan F Medicare supplemental insurance!

Phyllis Skau Savini had surgery March 9th. She's home now and is her usual cheery self, thanks to the watchful eye of her daughter, Shelby. Phylli welcomes your calls. She's had a tough go this past year--cataract sugery, a fall down the stairs, a colonoscopy and polyp removal, and sepsis!

Craig Martinson had TAVR heart valve replacement surgery on March 13th. Thanks to his wife Shannon, and the wonderful follks at St Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, he's home and feeling more energized than ever. Craig lost his son-in-law, Ian, in 2018.

Leslie Harris Walters' daughter, Kelley, continues to undergo radiation treatment. The latest MRI's showed no new tumors in the spine, but more growth in her brain, liver and breasts. Says Leslie, "I really appreciate all of you for supporting her, Gavin, and me through this."

Linda Cox Diaz contracted pneumonia after her sinus surgery.

Judy Gelner Curran's husband had hip replacement surgery and didn't even have to use pain meds! More good news--Judy reports that Sally Worthington Campbell's grand daughter won a national championship in gymnastics dancing! Sally had back surgery June 2019 and had to miss our 55th.

Janis Bowen Steinfeld also missed our 55th, after undergoing MAJOR dental surgery. She's moved back to Oregon from Arizona.

Connie Schubert Osman--3 days after retiring, her hip gave up. Four months after total left hip replacement, she dislocated and fractured her ankle, resulting in another surgery with 9 screws and a plate. But, she made our 55th!

George Breeden's wife, Barbara, had knee replacement surgery last January--but she rallied to attend our 55th. And George's cataract surgery in October 2019 went well.

Donna Miller McCain is recovering from brain surgery, but she and her husband also made our 55th!

Keith Hunziker, who missed our 50th due to cancer treatment, made our 55th!

Ann Eleanor Groves Gladue's husband passed in 2019.

Jan Hawley Herman lost her husband in 2019.

Leanne Riley Anderson's health prevented her from attending our 55th Reunion.

Barbara Griffin Peterson moved to Germany in 2019.

Bruce Bickford passed April 2019.

Lynn "Ed" Rund's wife, Denise, passed from pancreatic cancer in August, 2018.

Don Kelly passed in 2018.

Sally Innes Tomson passed away January 1, 2018 from complications of Marfan Syndrome.

Dean Tonseth was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.

Karen Jarvi McDaniel moved back to Everett from Texas.

Frank Sousa, originally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, just discovered that he doesn't have it after all!

My first grandchild, Aubrey Mia Cissell, was born September 29, 2018. Why didn't I do this sooner?! Oh, right, it wasn't my call.

Gorman Frederickson passed July 18, 2017 from cancer of the pancreas, liver, and spleen. Gorman was a career high school teacher who inspired thousands, as you'll see on Facebook. His widow, Faie Louise Fergeson, hopes to make the 55th, and asks that donations be made to 

Rod Claus's wife Jill passed away May 13, 2017. Born Mary Virginia Blackburn in Avon Park, Florida, she is survived by Rod and two sons in the Seattle area. Though Rod now tells me that he may be moving south.

George Brower passed from pancreatic cancer October 26, 2016. Several classmates attended his Celebration of Life.

Vicki Langbehn's husband, Ed, passed in 2016.

Larry Martini started kidney dialysis in August 2016. His energy level has improved dramatically and he’s resumed his normal activities--if you can call anything that Larry does normal.

Betty Clifton passed away June 29, 2016.

Marsha Thompson Flores passed January 25, 2016.  She lived in Port Orchard and had 4 sons.

Bob Pelton was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma. Fortunately, it was caught early, and after chemo and a bone marrow stem cell transplant--it looks like the cancer will be in remission another 5-10 years!

Bradford Weiss passed away June 14, 2015 from pancreatic cancer.

Jayne Salvatore Schlosser is cancer free after two surgeries. She loves to receive your emails,, and hopes to be singing again soon. 

Don Morgan's Celebration of Life was held January 10th, 2015 in the DoubleTree grand ballroom. Over 200 friends and family attended. To see a slide show tribute click on In Memory on the left, then Don's name. Donations to

Michaele Casey Comyns passed on January 27, 2014.

For a complete list of Deceased Classmates, see In Memory in the left column.