Hedrick Hueneke

Profile Updated: September 27, 2017
Residing In: Bremerton, WA USA
Military Service: Marine Corps  
Spouse/Partner: Ingrid
Children: Children:
Kimberly, born 1969
Kiki, born 1973
Chad, born 1976
Erik, born 1975
Karl, More…born 1977
Stina, born 1982

Isabel, born 2003
Caleb, born 2004
Anders, born 2004
Max, born 2006
Avalon, born 1999
Stian, born 2007
Leif , born 2009
Marit, born 2012
Tove, born 2010
Soren, born 2013
Atle, born 2015
Occupation: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Crane Maintenance
School Story:

The stories I remember.....going to the Prom with 2 girls and "twisting all night". Going camping up in the hills behind North Bend at a lake with the guys, going camping up on Snoqualime and floating down the river on innertubes, going camping on Jones Island in the Sound with the guys for a week. Being punched in the face by a "biker dude". Walking home from Olympic Junior High everyday. How about a huge box of "2 incher" firecrackers one 4th of July that Dinnis, Raughly and I ordered from Mexico and spent weeks blowing everything up. How about Skiing at "Ski Acers" and coming home on the bus sitting with someone special.. Driving to Rainier in my 1957 pink Chevy Bel Aire. Thinking I was the biggest nerd in school.


Being a Grandparent is the best job in the world. We have 11 Grandchildren, half here in the Seattle/Kitsap Metro area and half in the Portland, Oregon Metro area. OOps....one moved to Dallas, Texas.
Meeting old classmates will be wonderful.
Being back in Washington is great.
I spent Junior High and Senior High there in Des Moines. It was Olympic Junior High and Mount Rainier High (of course). Moved on to Portland, Oregon, joined the Marines then went to Portland State University and got Chemical Engineering and MBA. Worked there in Portland until 2008. Came to Bremerton to Marry Ingrid and started life over at 63.
I was just elected President of the Sons of Norway Oslo Lodge #2-035. I am finding that is a little work, but also fun.

What are the moments or achievements you are proudest of--both in high school and afterwards?

I really liked being a Marine E-5 Seargent. Surviving Viet Nam was rather nice. Earning a Masters Degree was great. Being a Boy Scout Leader was so much fun. Doing 100 mile canoe trips, 50 mile hikes around Mt. Hood was challenging and really fun with the Scouts. Being offered the job of Nuclear Reactor Engineer for Hanford was especially rewarding (I did not take it which was also a smart move). Being a member of the Sons of Norway was, is and will be really rewarding and fun. Finding Ingrid at a Sons of Norway District 2 Convention and marrying her was the best thing that happened to me. Going to the 40th and then the 50th Mount Rainier High School Reunions was exciting, scary, rewarding and fun thing I have done in a long while. I have really liked moving back to the State of Washington seeing all the old familiar places and people. Surviving two heart attacks was really a good thing. Thank you Lord. And last but hardly least...all of my children and Grand Children and all of Ingrid's children and Grand Children are the best thing every. And to top the entire list is finding and knowing God my king and savior. Amen.

What were some of your most embarrassing moments--both in high school and afterwards?

I guess the biggest was finding out what a lousy, stinky, crumby, stupid husband I was to my first wife. It is past now and done with but that was truely eye opening and it breaks my heart. Finding out how much I missed seeing all of my High School friends and how I just left them all behind when I moved away not even communicating with any of them was hurtful also. Falling asleep while driving was no fun. Almost getting lost while hunting was scary.

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Hedrick Hueneke has a birthday today.
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God is great and powerful. Let's all pray for Gorman. Pray that God heals him. Amen.

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Hi Donna, you were one of my very favorite people in High School. It is very great that you are moving back. Your friend Hedrick (Rick) Hueneke.

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Woo Hooo! 50 years and I am still alive. Even after 2 heartattacks.

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